A Bird’s Eye.


For those of you who enjoy climbing, this post would be easy to understand.

Saint Catherine, a city in South Sinai governorate of Egypt, is a significantly holy place for three major religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. A place where Moses had his first ‘God’ experience with the burning bush, and on top of the mountain was where he prayed for 40 days before he received the Ten Commandments. This was also the place that Jesus transfigured.  With so many special events that occurred here, I had make sure I visited this place for my physical and spiritual growth.

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Dahab – Egypt’s best kept secret


When you first thing of Egypt, the image that comes to mind is the pyramid and rightly so, because the mummies, sand and the camels are definitely an important part of Egypt’s rich culture. But there is more to Egypt than just this. From the air, it looks like you’re flying deserted red land that is beautiful in its own way. But let’s zoom in and take a closer look at what Egypt truly has to offer.

Situated in the south of the Sinai province, is a sleepy little city called Dahab. Greatly influenced by the Bedouin’s culture, the sea-side city is lively in its own way.  Continue reading “Dahab – Egypt’s best kept secret”

Winds of Change.


If you love travelling, there is one thing you will inevitably end up doing (whether you like it or not); fly. Now the beauty of flying isn’t in the class or the hospitality that you receive. Most times it isn’t even about the destination, but its about the journey. It’s about the strangers sitting beside you, the turbulence you experience and the uncertainty of landing… Continue reading “Winds of Change.”

Love – The Silent Sense.


This is the last part of the Love trilogy.

First, in Familiar Fourth? you identified and understood the reason behind not being able to love. In the second, Love – The Antidote, you understood how you can continuously live in the action of Love without ever running low.

Now, you will discover how to better yourself in the action of Love and personify it. Continue reading “Love – The Silent Sense.”

Familiar Fourth?


An emotion that is felt, a word that is said, an expression that is shown or a feeling left untold..

Love is a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, it might be as simple as waking up to a ‘Good Morning’ text, and to others, as elaborate as a selfless act. Irrespective of who we are or where we are, we have all been (knowingly or unknowingly) subject to Love’s ways. Continue reading “Familiar Fourth?”

The Tragic Third.


Maggie was a loving person. Most would even call her motherly.  All through her teenage years she heard the line, “You’ll make a good mother someday”, and she believed it. She believed that her sole purpose in life was to be a mother. Shortly after she finished her education, she married her high school sweetheart. Very soon, she believed, her dreams would come true. Continue reading “The Tragic Third.”

A Simple Second.


I’m sure you’ve heard of the movie, ‘Now You See Me’. It’s one of my favourite movies. You might ask me why, why ‘Now You See Me’?

The answer is simple; it never fails to surprise me.

Although I’ve watched the movie a few times (enough number of times to help me remember most of the dialogues in sequence), and I know how it ends, I will still watch it with the same wonder every single time. Continue reading “A Simple Second.”