Beat the Blues!

Be it Monday blues or midweek blues, you can’t predict or control when you start feeling low. But what you can do is turn it around. I know that with the weather constantly playing games, summer seems lost. Naturally your bright days are gone. How could you possibly brighten your day? Here are my top tips on how to beat the blues. Read more

Tea – Totaller!

As I sip on my morning cup of English Breakfast, I wonder when inspiration will strike me. Another day has gone by and I haven’t found a topic to write on. Yes, I have done a bit of travelling but somehow could not find enough inspiration to write about it. Wondering when I will recover from this writer’s block, I sip on. Read more

Top Ten in Suez.

When travelling to a different country, many concerns come to mind. People, accommodation, food etc. Luckily, all my travels have been nothing but memorable. My last international trip was to Egypt, where I spend almost two months in Suez with AIESEC, being a part of their international exchange programme. I, along with 60 other EPs from different countries created some of our best memories in Suez. Suez, as most people know, is famous for its canal. Today, I want to step away from the obvious and shed some light on the incredible things you can do in Suez. Read more

Simply Settling.

As kids, we were always told that we needed to be good in everything if we want to be successful. Come first in academics. Focus on your studies. Get a good rank in your competitive entrance exams. If we don’t, we won’t be successful. We were born into a competitive world. A world that chose the standard of success for us, long before we could understand success. But is success for us really topping the class or getting into the best college or the best workplace?

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No, I’m not talking about the Bradley Cooper movie. There’s actually so much more to being limitless than just taking a pill to be able to gain complete usage of your brain.

There are so many things that limit us everyday – rules, family, friends, work, society, government. But apart from all these reasons the biggest block that limits us is our self. Fears, phobias, lack of confidence there are so many things. But is there anything that stops us from dreaming? Read more

A Matter of Faith.

We are always looking for something to believe in; something that surpasses our understanding. For some, it maybe God. For others, some supreme power that brings balance into our world. God or not, the concept of “believing” is as old as human life itself. For me, this belief comes easy. If you have been hooked onto my previous post (Philia), you might have a clue of what I’m talking about.

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What is Love? A strong feeling of affection; an endearment. A sort of fondness; an attachment. Love is a feeling. An emotion that can be experienced. Love, happens to everyone. Yes, but it comes in all sorts of packages: a friend, a lover, family, a co-worker,.. We are all familiar with Love’s ways.

Today I’m inspired to write of the greatest love of all time- friendship.

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